One of my mother’s favorite movies was “Pay it Forward.”

She lived her life in a fashion where giving back and paying it forward were at the forefront of everything she did.  Whether it was when she was volunteering at ground zero after 9/11, or in Florida with the Salvation Army and its Hurricane Relief efforts, helping a friend stay sober, volunteering with the Florida Attorney General’s Rape crisis network, or just helping a friend put shingles on his roof, she always had time to lend a hand.

It was her influence that instilled a drive in me to always want to help others.

So, it’s with that spirit of giving that I am excited to introduce the “Pay it Forward Book and Literacy” program.

This is an opportunity for you to help promote literacy and giving back by becoming either a corporate or individual sponsor for the “Pay it Forward” program.   This program will allow you to purchase books of your choice of titles that will be donated in your name to conventional local libraries, school libraries, little corner neighborhood libraries, campground libraries, and those in need.

Sandy and I will hand deliver the books to facilities all throughout the country.

It truly allows you to pay it forward with literacy and inspiring storytelling.

Click here for more information on how to become a “Pay it Forward” individual sponsor.

Click here for more information on how to become a “Pay it Forward” corporate sponsor.