In this episode of the Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I talk with Lois Letchford.

Lois is the author of the book, “Reversed: A Memoir,” which chronicles an extraordinary journey of overcoming daunting odds, offering inspiration and hope to parents and educators navigating desperate situations. At the age of 39, while teaching her second son how to read, she stumbled upon her own “learning difference,” an unexpected revelation that ignited an unwavering pursuit for answers.

With sheer determination and unyielding resilience, she confronted challenges and battled self-doubt head-on, proving that no obstacle is insurmountable. Through relentless effort, she witnessed the transformative power of perseverance, achieving significant milestones and experiencing profound personal growth.

She discovered the immense value of trusting her instincts. This experience led to her appreciating literacy learning as being more than a “set of skills to acquire.”  Embracing foundational knowledge of “how children and adults learn,” and adopting a growth mindset, she unlocked true potential, shattering self-limiting beliefs.

Guided by the philosophy of living in the present moment, she learned to appreciate the inherent beauty of the journey itself. As the founder of Lois Letchford, Language, Literacy, and Learning tutoring, She is dedicated to assisting others facing similar challenges. Her memoir serves as a beacon of hope, sharing the mission and vision of empowering individuals with dyslexia.

“Reversed: A Memoir” stands as a testament to triumph over adversity, offering not only inspiration and motivation but also a profound sense of hope for all who read it.

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