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Jim Wade – Every Trip Has a Story

Sandy and I were able to get into Boise, Idaho and visit with my cousin Jim, his wife Patti, their daughter Jen and her husband Anthony.  It was short visit, but we had a great time catching up and trading stories of our travel adventures.

Jim, like most of us on the Wade side of our family have that wandering travel bug in us.  The root of the word “Wade” meant “to go,” and many of us have taken that to heart.

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Erin Pappas – Ballplayer, Nature Lover, Single Mom, and Hero

Erin and I first connected through social media back in 2016 during the time that I was building my network of female baseball players and advocates of women and girls playing baseball.  We immediately connected because she was also an avid Red Sox fan.  Like many of the women that I was connecting with at that time, she had participated in the first ever Boston Red Sox Women’s Fantasy Camp.

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Ray Schell – A Life Experience of Appreciating God’s Creation

Ray and I have known each other since high school.  He graduated a year before me.  After graduation, he was a part of a small group of friends that all became very close for a few years.  Our little tribe did just about everything together.

Ray went off to work in Alaska in 1990 and never returned to Pennsylvania.  Thankfully we have been able to stay connected through social media.

Sandy and I were able to visit with Ray and his wife, Judy Rae in Decker, Montana at the state park in which he runs, Tongue River Reservoir State Park.  After not seeing each other for almost 30 years, we had a lot of catching up to do, but it seemed as though we were able to pick up right where we left off.

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Rick Stratton – Talking Vintage Base Ball

The modern-day Brandywine Base Ball Club was established in 2013 and modeled after its 19th century namesake, which formed in 1865 in West Chester, PA and is now 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In keeping with the spirit of the original ball club and its rival contemporaries, it strives to field the most competitive team possible. However, within the competitive context, it also aims to:

Provide our members with an outlet for physical fitness through the sport of vintage base ball
Educate the public about baseball history, particularly within the context of Pennsylvania state history
Serve as a point of community pride and entertainment

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Jenna Nimtz – Witnessing Dreams

Jenna is the manager of the Baseballism store at the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville, Iowa.  She is better known as Jenna from Baseballism for her Instagram posts about the events and activities that take place at the site on a daily basis.

Her love of the game of baseball is in her blood as she grew up in a baseball family.

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Ryan Woodward – How a trip to Reading, PA changed his Life

Ryan is a board member of the International Women’s Baseball Center (IWBC).  We first connected back in 2016 when my old organization, the BIG Vision Foundation, in partnership with the IWBC sponsored the Ruth Hartman Memorial Girl’s Baseball Festival.

At the time, Ryan was living in Wilmington, Delaware and wasn’t a member of the IWBC board yet.  He wasn’t sure if he really should to drive up to check out the event.  After some convincing from his friend, Debbie Pierson, he did go, and it turned out to literally be a life changing event for him.

A few weeks later, he received a call from IWBC president, Kat Williams asking him to serve on the organizations board.  He accepted, and the rest is history.  Ryan was the brainchild of the IWBC’s Women in Baseball Week and has been an active member of the board since he joined the organization.

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Jack Graham – An Attitude of Gratitude

Jack is now the General Manager of the Aberdeen Ironbirds minor league baseball team.

The Ironbirds are a division of Ripken Baseball.  Jack and I first met back in 2015 when he was fresh out of his professional baseball career and working in sales on the amateur side of Ripken Baseball.  His hard work and dedication moved him up through the ranks and he was promoted to General Manager of the Ironbirds in September of 2019.

Jack and I have stayed connected through social media.

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Marge Gibson – A Life of Giving to the Birds

Marge is the founder and executive director of the Raptor Education Group, Inc. in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Sandy and spent one week volunteering at REGI through the A Year to Volunteer project.  It was one of the most impactful experiences of our lives.  I wrote extensively about it in my blog last week.

The day after our group completed the project, Sandy and I were able to go back over to REGI and spend some time with her and record this podcast.

She is truly one of the most kind, genuine and compassionate humans that we’ve ever met.

The work that she and her staff are doing at REGI is exceptional.

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Rocky McCann – Reconnecting with another Silver Bullet

This was the last podcast that I was able to do while Sandy and I were at the BFA Nationals in Aberdeen, Maryland.  She puts the explanation point on the ten amazing women that I was able to sit down with and talk to at that event.

Rocky is the third former Colorado Silver Bullet as well as the third member of Evolution Girl’s Baseball that I was able to sit down and talk with.

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Beth Greenwood – Wisdom Beyond Her Years

Beth and I first met back in 2018 when she was on a road trip from New England to Pittsburgh with mutual friends of ours, Erin Pappas and Jacque Reynolds to participate in an women’s baseball event that the Pirates were sponsoring.  On the way through, they stopped by the sports complex that I was managing at the time just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania.

It was a great visit, and Beth and I, who would have been 18 at the time and just out of high school, connected on Facebook.  Since then, I have been able to follow her journey as she became one of only seven young women to be rostered on an NCAA baseball team this past spring.

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