Book Dan Clouser as a speaker for your next event.

Dan Clouser is an engaging and interesting storyteller.  He will bring a valuable and inspiring message to any audience.  Whether a sports banquet, business event, leadership conference, or any other occasion, Dan would be a great fit as a speaker for your next event.

With over 30 years experience as a baseball and softball coach and leader of a successful nonprofit organization, Dan will bring a unique perspective to your audience.

Author of three books and counting, Dan brings the same very personable and vulnerable style of his writing to his stage presence as well.

Dan’s message is simple, he was willing to walk away from life changing work that he had been doing through servant leadership for over 30 years because he listened to a calling to do even more for others through writing and storytelling.

You don’t need to be a man, or a son, or even to be traveling the country in an RV to glean beautiful life lessons from hearing Dan speak.  Dan will open up his heart to share the rewards reaped from simply stopping to look, listen and love the planet of which we’re a small part. He imparts the wisdom learned from lending a hand through volunteering and serving those in less fortunate circumstances. He shows that we can gain immeasurable rewards from adopting the “enjoy the moment” attitude of a canine companion. Through his approachable, honest storytelling, he is able to shift the listeners life perspective. To get them asking themselves the important questions. To teach them that the little things are never really little at all.

Dan is willing to travel anywhere that his RV will take him in the continental United States or Canada to speak at your next function.

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