What Happened to 70-Degrees?

My mommy and daddy told me that when we started living in the house on wheels, we would always be in 70-degree weather.

Well, they lied.

It is November, we are still in Pennsylvania, and it is cold!

Honestly though, I am ok with the cold, other than the fact that I must motivate my daddy to walk me more when it is cold out.  My daddy seems to have turned into a fair-weather walker since we have started living in the house on wheels.

He was upset because he donated all of his UnderArmour Cold Gear when we sold the big house.  He said to mommy, “I’ll never need this stuff again, we’re always going to be in warm weather from now on.”

Mommy said, “You may want to hang on to some, just in case.”

But daddy insisted he would not need it again.

Well guess what daddy bought a few weeks ago…

That’s right, UnderArmour Cold Gear!  A mock turtleneck, leggings, facemask, gloves, the whole works!

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