Angels Among Us

Yesterday we encountered several angels on our trip south from Tok towards Valdez.

The rest of our group left on Friday, but I had been extremely sick with a stomach bug Thursday.  Apparently, I gave whatever I had to Sandy, because she was even more sick late Thursday night and all-day Friday then I ever was. So, we stayed back an extra day to recover. 

Alex was scheduled to do a glacier hike and a copper mine tour with the group on Saturday, so Cooper also stayed back with us so we could watch him while Alex did his adventures. 

We stopped at a rest area about two hours into our drive.

I got out to let Cooper go potty, I noticed that our outside passenger side tire was extremely low on air. We were at least 30 miles from the next services and there was no way that we should drive any further with the tire being as low as it was.

There were several other vehicles in the rest area, a few RV’s and some camper vans. Sandy walked over and asked a couple of people if anyone happened to have an air compressor.

Luckily, an older gentleman and a younger gentleman in a van did, but they didn’t have a source for electricity. I told them that wouldn’t be an issue, we’d just fire up the generator on the rig.

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