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Living My Best Life in Largo

Once the weekend came around, I was really in heaven!  There were so many people that came over to Cousin Carole’s house just to see me that I could hardly keep track of everyone.

It actually started on Thursday already when Tim came up to the house on wheels to see me.  I love Tim.  He’s always so happy.  Tim is a really good petter too.  Later Thursday evening, Cousin Carole’s neighbor, Ed came over to see me.  I must say that he was quite a good petter too.  He brought over some fudge, which smelled amazing, but I can’t have any.  No matter how much of a sad puppy dog face I put on, mommy and daddy won’t ever let me have any fudge.

Friday was like Grand Central Station at Cousin Carole’s house.  It started right away on Friday morning when Cousin Carole’s friends Brian and Lisa arrived.  Of course, they both fell in love with me right away.  Later on in the day, more friends showed up.  Lisa made some chicken for dinner, but I didn’t get any.  They all used the, “it’s too spicy for you” line on me, but it smelled so good.

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Louisiana to Largo, White Sand, Friends, and Family

Mommy and daddy were sad to leave their friends, but they were all also excited to be headed to Cousin Carole’s house in Largo.  I was really excited to get to Cousin Carole’s house too.  I get to go into her house and she has a fenced in backyard, so I can roam around her backyard and pee and poop wherever I want to when we visit her.

We stopped at a roadside produce stand on the way to Cousin Carole’s house and mommy bought all kinds of tasty fresh fruit.  I can’t wait to help mommy and daddy eat it!  I love fruit and mommy and daddy always share their fruit with me.  The nice lady at the produce stand gave us all samples of a yummy clementine.  It was delicious!

We also stopped at Aldi and Publix so that mommy could get food so that her and daddy wouldn’t starve while we were at Cousin Carole’s house.

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