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Walking to Heal

I find the best way to help the humans heal is to be here for them to pet me and to make sure that I’m walking them on a regular basis.  There’s nothing better for healing your soul than getting out into the fresh air and moving your body.

I walk daddy the most, but I also walk mommy and daddy at the same time a lot too.  Sometimes I walk mommy, and daddy, and Rebecca, and even mommy, and daddy, and Rebecca, and Matthew!  Some people probably think, “How can he control walking four humans at once?”  Well, I’ll tell you, it isn’t easy sometimes.  These guys have a tendency to drift at times, but I round them up and keep them in line.  I also protect them from squirrels, and rabbits, and other dogs.  I make sure that all of those mean creatures know that they’re my humans and I’m taking care of them.

We’ve gone on some nice walks throughout the neighborhood, which I enjoy.  Long walks and short walks are both nice, I prefer long, but any walk is good.

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A Cause for Pause

Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Cheryl Mankel passed away after a long battle with cancer.  She was only 72.

We arrived back in Pennsylvania on May 6th.  Our original plan was to be here until July 5th and then we’d head west to Colorado so that I could conduct podcast interviews at the BFA Nationals like I did last year.

We’d be staying in several family members yards and driveways between Berks and Perry County.  Our first stop would be at Cheryl’s house until May 20th.  She had been battling cancer for several years and we didn’t know how much time she had left.  We had spoken to her several times during the week leading up to our arrival and were looking forward to spending time with her.

She had treatment scheduled for the day that we were arriving and when she went in, she found out that she would also need a blood transfusion.  When we arrived at her house around 5:30 in the evening, she was back home from her treatment and already in bed for the night.  Completely wiped out from the process that took place earlier in the day.

I can’t necessarily speak for Sandy, but when I first saw her, I was shocked.  She had looked like she had aged ten years in the four months since I had last seen her.  Fortunately, I was able to see her in December when I had to come back to Pennsylvania to take care of some business.  During that visit Cheryl told me that if anything ever happened to me, she’d take care of Sandy.

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We Finally Made it to Aunt Cheryl’s House!

It also makes me sad sometimes too though.  I know that Aunt Cheryl is in a lot of pain.  I hate that cancer thing that she has and I wish that I could take all of her pain away for her.  Some days she sleeps even more than I do, so that’s a lot.  But even though she’s in a lot of pain, she is still always looking out for everyone else.  Like she bought a bunch of bacon for me but wasn’t able to have it cooked up for me by the time that we got here.  So, she made sure that mommy cooked that bacon once we got here.  She also kept reminding mommy that daddy was running low on cereal and that she needed to get some the next time that she went to the store.  Isn’t that the epitome of a special person?  Someone who no matter what they’re going through is still thinking about taking care of others.  Aunt Cheryl is really special.

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