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Laura Duksta – An Ambassador of Love

Laura is an Ambassador of Love, inspirational speaker and New York Times bestselling children’s author. Her first book, l Love You More, has sold nearly a million copies in seven languages.

Laura’s works also include You are a Gift to the World/The World is a Gift to You and I’ll Hug You More. Her newest title, No Matter What, I Love You – You Are My Sister, You Are My Brother, will be released in 2021.

Through her work, Laura aims to reach as many hearts, homes and classrooms as possible with the power, magic and message of love, appreciation and connection.

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I Loved CAP Kid Camp!

Sure enough, as soon as I went out on Saturday morning to do my business, I went right to work making people smile!  First it was a CAP Kid dad, then a CAP Kid Mom and sister and then after breakfast, it was off to the races!  Daddy and I went down the trail to the archery range first and all of the CAP Kids in that group and even some of their parents came over to pet me.  I was making all of them smile!

Then we went to the high ropes course to see the other group of CAP Kids and bingo!  I was at it again!  Letting people pet me and handing out smiles like it was my job!  Well, actually, it is my job and I’m really good at it.

Alice and Zelda might have loved me the most, but it was really too close to call.  All of the CAP Kids loved me a lot.  I loved all of the CAP Kids equally, I didn’t have any favorites at all.  They were all tremendous!

Now I knew why mommy and daddy were so excited about this CAP Kid Camp.  It’s because these CAP Kids and their families are super-duper special!  You see I found out that alopecia is an auto-immune disorder that causes people’s hair to fall out and I don’t mean shedding like I do.  It really falls out.  Depending on what type of alopecia they have, it can be anywhere from small spots to losing all of their hair.  But you know what, these kids were awesome with or without hair.

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Jeff Woytovich – Helping kids and families deal with Alopecia

Jeff and I have known each other for a little over ten years now.  He is one of my best friends and we share a passion for helping others, especially kids.

Jeff started the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) in 2003 when his daughter, Maddie started to lose her hair.  After going through a rollercoaster of emotions, Jeff felt that it was important to create a support group for other kids and families who were also dealing with alopecia.

What started out as a few families in the Philadelphia region has now grown to an international nonprofit organization that has helped countless children, and their families understand that it’s ok to be different.

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