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Kim Sorrelle – Cry Until You Laugh

Kim Sorrelle is the director of a humanitarian organization, popular speaker, and the author of two books. Her first book, Cry Until You Laugh, is about her and her husband’s battle with cancer after being diagnosed just four months a part. Her second book, Love Is, chronicles her year long quest to figure out the true meaning of love, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enlightening journey that led to life-changing discoveries found mostly on the streets of Haiti.

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Margaret Agard – Giving God Your Todo List

Margaret Agard is an award-winning writer whose latest book ‘In His Footsteps: How I Gave My Todo List to God and Got More Done, More Sleep and Less Stress’ is an 18-month slice of the life of a woman committed to giving her life to God by giving today to God: or how to be happy driving in rush hour traffic, dealing with frauds and facing a mountain of manure.

Margaret lives on four forested acres on a lake in Florida – viewing lake not swimming lake because, well, alligators. She and her husband Parker have 15 children between them, 38 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. The birthday cards alone take up a lot of time.

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Kristin Chadwick – Writer. Spiritual Coach. Creator.

Kristin Chadwick has been in the podcasting industry since 2016 helping coaches, authors, and influencers launch and grow their podcast and expand their business. She brings a unique, personalized approach through utilizing coaching tools to help bring alignment, purpose, and intention to their podcast.  She also hosts two of her own podcasts- Wholistic Podcasting for Podcasters and Wholistic Hearts- a podcast to help people encounter the heart of Jesus through the art of using our imagination.

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