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Walt Morgan – Taking Flight with Leadership

Walt is a professional Integral Coach who partners with clients from all walks of life to achieve the personal and professional developmental goals that are most important to them.

He served in the U.S. Navy for 23 years as a helicopter pilot and retired at the rank of Commander.  He has also been an associate professor, teaching leadership and management and an in-house leadership consultant, coach and facilitator for a Fortune 200 healthcare company.

Walt lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Dana, their two teenage children and Hank, the dog.  He loves exploring the backcountry with dear friends and a fly-fishing rod.

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Antwaun Thompson – Teaching the Life Lessons within the Game

Coach T is the founder and executive Director of JLT Fieldhouse, a 501c3 nonprofit youth coaching and mentoring organization, dedicated to “Coaching and Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow”. This organization is named in honor of his late father, Sgt. Maj. Joe Lewis Thompson, USMC, who adopted Antwaun and his older brother after their mom and Joe were married.

He is also the CEO of Coach T’s Corner, an online mentoring academy that is designed to “Educate, Motivate and Support” our future leaders of tomorrow through personal growth and development and personal relationship development programs.

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Roy Coughlan – Mission Driven

Roy is a podcast coach and hosts six different podcasts.  I was honored to be a guest on his show back in March of 2023 and love that I am able to have him as a guest on my show now.

More importantly, Roy approaches life with a mission driven philosophy.  He understands that it’s more important to make the world a better place as opposed to just trying to acquire and material things in his lifetime.  Focusing on gratitude, he understands the benefit of always being present in the current moment.

Roy helps people create a podcast and get into the top 10% of Podcasts.

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Jerry Moyer – Time to Fly

Jerry is one of my friends from back in our old hometown of Berks County, Pennsylvania.  He is an author, former professional soccer player, college soccer coach, and current performance coach to top level athletes.

Jerry graduated from Penn State University where he majored in Business and later continued his studies in Sports Management at the University of Maryland.  He was a Starter on the PSU Men’s Soccer Team and was a Regional All-American, Captain, and MVP during his senior season.

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Mindy Aisling – One Person at a Time

Mindy Aisling is a professionally trained and board-certified life, authenticity, and entrepreneur coach. is a passionate and dedicated authenticity coach who has made it their mission to empower individuals and inspire transformative change. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of human potential, Mindy brings a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and unwavering support to guide clients on their journey toward personal and professional fulfillment.

With over 13 years of experience in the field of personal development, Mindy has honed her skills in helping clients overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential. She have successfully supported individuals from diverse backgrounds in areas such as career transitions, relationship building, self-confidence, mindset transformation, and goal achievement.

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Three Years

Three years ago today, Sandy, Youk, and I set out on this crazy full-time RV journey.

Since that time, we’ve been to 43 states and a little piece of Canada.  We have traveled over 56,000 miles, and made countless new friends and memories.  We’ve been awed by God’s beautiful creation time and time again.  We have visited family and friends that we hadn’t seen in years.  We have also made sure to get back to see our family and friends that we had left back in Pennsylvania often.

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Jeff Butorac – Silencing Your Inner Rival

Jeff absolutely loved coaching basketball. He spent over a decade coaching high school and NCAA basketball…until the anxiety he had developed while coaching had turned into panic attacks that he couldn’t control and forced him to step away from the profession he loved and built his life around. Jeff knew that he couldn’t be the only athlete or coach that had this happen to him, so out of a desperate need for inner calm and direction, he started committing his time to learning everything he could about strengthening the mindset, resilience, fear of failure, confidence, willpower, and so much more.

Through his studies, Jeff learned that he, along with everyone else, has the ability to control the voice in their head (their Inner Rival) that so often is negative and holding them back from reaching their potential.

In his recently published book, Inner-Rival: Silence the Negativity Within, Jeff Butorac details the mindset solutions and emotional regulation necessary to mute the enemy within. It shows you how to take control and Silence your Inner Rival. You’ll find new ways to perform to your potential and enjoy peace of mind no matter the stakes. Jeff has put together numerous resources to prepare you for whatever battles are ahead. These simple yet actionable tools can be used daily by anyone looking for more inner calm and outer strength.

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Erin Whalen – Compassionate Coaching

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Erin Whalen.

Erin Whalen is the Founder of Compassionate Coaching, which guides teams in the helping profession, especially bereavement professionals, to get through their days with more ease.

The impact Compassionate Coaching wants to have on the world is the following:

To restore dignity to the grieving and the dying,
and to help them feel seen and heard,
by filling the cups of, and providing communication tools to, those who serve them.

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Steve Gamlin – The Motivational Firewood Guy

What qualifies Steve to speak on Visualization, Vision Boards, Positivity, Motivation, Humor and ‘Life Comebacks’?

Simple: HE LIVED IT.

After blowing up his life (radio career, 1st marriage and financial stability) at age 35, Steve rose from the ashes (although he swears ‘his’ phoenix rides a pogo stick) to become a motivational speaker, stand-up comedian, author and more…inspired by 2 simple questions from a coach…after Steve spent an afternoon hitting golf balls in a thunderstorm, daring the lightning to hit him.

It didn’t, by the way…

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