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Jenn Drummond – Breakproof

Jenn is a mom of 7, successful business owner, and World Record holder.  As the first woman to climb the second highest summits on each of the 7 continents, she now spends her time inspiring others to create a thriving business and lasting legacy of their own. She shares her story and strategies for success through her book, BREAKPROOF: 7 Strategies to Build Resilience and Achieve Your Life Goals, and her Seek Your Summit podcast, programs, and signature talks. Learn more about how she elevates devoted and determined entrepreneurs to go beyond a life of success to a life of significance.

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Victoria Wolf – GF Explorers

Victoria and Rich met later in life and have been making up for lost time for the last ten years. The one love they both shared, food, brought them together and still takes them on great adventures today. From creating a line of gluten-free baked goods to their how-to cooking videos, food is at the center of their lives. Taking the leap to full-time RV living was both exhilarating and terrifying, but they knew in their hearts it would be a great decision. They both work from the road, running their three businesses: book publishing, content creation, and art. There is never a day without an adventure in their RV life and if you think they miss home, well, home is where you park it.

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Amy Siegfried – Last Night’s Game

After seeing how the ability to talk sports gave her the upper hand as a woman in business, Amy and her brother Scott created Last Night’s Game to give their friends the same advantage. Last Night’s Game empowers its readers to join the sports conversation, even if they do not know the first thing about sports.

Her career has included working for a Major League Baseball team and in other male-dominated industries. A third-generation entrepreneur, Amy once flew around the world in 58 hours and 37 minutes, has lived internationally and is a master of small talk, bringing people together and the handwritten note. You can often find this married lady working with the entrepreneurship community nationwide and teaching her toddler about sports, food, and other things he’ll have to use to make small talk one day.

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Alice Graves – Crushing Self-Doubt

Alice is a coach who helps successful women crush their self-doubt.

She feels that inspiration and motivation are all good and well, but when it comes to personal development they’re just not enough.

In her opinion, if you really want to create life lasting change you need tools, techniques and someone who can hold you accountable, push you and also support you.

So many women, despite their successes in life, still doubt themselves. They doubt themselves at work, at home and also their own internal thoughts.

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