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37 Days

During our first week, at our first Left-Right-Center game, we met a couple that we just knew we had a connection with.  Isn’t it amazing how sometimes you just feel a vibe with people.  You just meet them, yet you feel like you have known them for your entire lifetime.  Well, that was Jason and Sara Brelsfoard.  They sat next to us during the game and we immediately connected.  Jason had us laughing from the time he said hello to the time he said good-bye to us that night.  Sara may have been slightly embarrassed on occasion, but she seemed to take everything in stride.

They own what Jason calls a “small” 800-acre farm in central Illinois.  Sara is also a massage therapist.  Jason was immediately intrigued by our full-time RV lifestyle.  He loves what he does, but recognizes that life is short.  He wants to be able to live and enjoy life, not just work until he dies.

We made sure that Jason and Sara made it to trivia the next night and began sitting with them at each campground function that we were at together.  We’d stop by their site and chat and they would do the same.  They came to listen to me speak and bought a couple of my books.  They really did feel like family.

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Fred Ghilino – It’s All About Relationships

Fred is one of my former interns, as well as a former player in our organization.

Fred is now a full-time dad, husband, avid Miami Dolphins fan, semi-pro cornhole player (just kidding) and Account Director at Turchette Brand Marketing & Public Relations. Fred has been with Turchette, a leading marketing and public relations firm, for nearly a decade. Fred previously held various marketing, account management, and sales roles for Coca-Cola and Advantage Business Media.

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Dan and Sandy – Durango to Glenwood Springs

We spent a little over a week in Durango at my cousin, Becky, and her husband Bill’s house.  While in Durango, we took a tour on the Durango to Silverton train, spent time on the lake, and took in a chuck wagon dinner.

After Durango, we took the Million Dollar Highway into Montrose.  We spent a couple of days in Montrose.  We stayed with our friends Trina and Tara O’Brien and then explored the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

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We Finally Made it to Aunt Cheryl’s House!

It also makes me sad sometimes too though.  I know that Aunt Cheryl is in a lot of pain.  I hate that cancer thing that she has and I wish that I could take all of her pain away for her.  Some days she sleeps even more than I do, so that’s a lot.  But even though she’s in a lot of pain, she is still always looking out for everyone else.  Like she bought a bunch of bacon for me but wasn’t able to have it cooked up for me by the time that we got here.  So, she made sure that mommy cooked that bacon once we got here.  She also kept reminding mommy that daddy was running low on cereal and that she needed to get some the next time that she went to the store.  Isn’t that the epitome of a special person?  Someone who no matter what they’re going through is still thinking about taking care of others.  Aunt Cheryl is really special.

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Today I am grateful for our family, beautiful weather, long walks, youth sports, and His salvation.

I have discovered over the past few years that having an attitude of gratitude is a really good approach to living a healthy life.  There are already so many things in this world that can get us down, so we really need to make an effort to be grateful and positive.  A positive mindset and the positive energy that is a product of that mindset will lead to a healthier mind, body, and soul.  All three are interconnected, but it first starts with our mind and mental health.  We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react to it.  Therefore, even on our worst days, we must truly make an effort to find the positive in every situation, I assure you that it is there if we look for it.

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