I mean, let’s face it, my mommy and daddy are always telling me that I’m a good boy.  They’re not wrong.  So, I think that because I’m such a good boy, I deserve every nice breakfast, treat from a stranger, and all of the other nice things that I get.  In my doggy opinion, none of this seems to make me spoiled, just well-deserved because I’m such a good boy!

Think of all of the nice things that I do.

I love my mommy and daddy unconditionally.

I try to make every person I meet smile.

I protect my mommy and daddy from those mean squirrels at the park.

If my mommy or daddy or anyone else drops food on the floor, I am more than willing to help clean it up right away.

I make sure that my mommy and daddy stay in shape and healthy by taking them for as many walks as I can.

Sometimes I just start barking and everyone tries to figure out why.  I’m really just announcing my presence with authority.

I cuddle with my mommy and daddy whenever I want, even if they don’t want me to.

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