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June K. Collins – Momma You Don’t Heal

June K. Collins is a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach. In 2012, she lost her son, Kaleb, and found herself hitting rock bottom and not understanding how to rebuild her life without Kaleb in it. During this time, she found a passion with the mind and how individuals react to trauma. Through her own experience and education, she now helps other women rebuild and find purpose in their life.

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Erin Whalen – Compassionate Coaching

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Erin Whalen.

Erin Whalen is the Founder of Compassionate Coaching, which guides teams in the helping profession, especially bereavement professionals, to get through their days with more ease.

The impact Compassionate Coaching wants to have on the world is the following:

To restore dignity to the grieving and the dying,
and to help them feel seen and heard,
by filling the cups of, and providing communication tools to, those who serve them.

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Pratiti Pathek – Growth through Life’s Trials

She has gone through many challenges from being picked on and bullied as a young girl trying to fit with two different cultures.  She was a single mom and lost her 17-year-old son, Devan, 13 years ago. She knows what it takes to not only go through tough times, but she also learned what it takes to be resilient and draw on her inner strengths.

She hosts a podcast called, Unpacking Brain Drama, and that is exactly what she talks about. Her belief is that we think that obstacles are the thing that’s blocking our path, but obstacles are the path, we have to grow through what we go through.

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Melissa Reilly – Mom’s Without a Mom

“Alone in the hospital room six hours after giving birth I felt an unbelievable emotional pain that felt like part of me was breaking.  I lost my mother 15 years previously and yet in that moment the pain I felt over her absence was as if she had just died again.  I couldn’t believe that instead of being consumed with joy I was overwhelmed with grief.  What was wrong with me?”

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Victoria Rader – You were Born to Prosper

She is an internationally best-selling author of Until You Win, Until You Shine, Manifest mE journal, Ignite Your Wisdom, creator of Empower-mE and Maser-mE apps, founder of the Quantum Freedom movement, and creator of Free-mE™ EFT, Victoria is excited to share her newest book Prosper mE™: the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You. Her mission is to both awaken and empower you to your life of limitless possibilities and prosperity.

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