We moved for a month, then stopped again

When my mommy and daddy were volunteering at the bird place in Wisconsin, me and daddy would get up early and walk on some of the really neat trails around where we were staying.  Then on some days, me and mommy and daddy would go for another walk in the afternoon when they were done volunteering!  Those days were the best days!

I loved getting to see all my friends that mommy and daddy volunteer with too.  They all love me.  Phil and Shar, John and Karen, Tom and Theresa, Gary and Jan, Eric and Jen, Jeff and Susan, Dennis and Debbie, Orien, and then I met John and Vicki too.  Then in the second week of the project, I was surprised when I saw Mike and Terri walking past our house on wheels!  I was so excited to see Mike that I almost pulled my daddy over just to get to him so that he could pet me!  Mike is a really good petter!  He hits all the right spots!  Terri is a really good petter too!  That made my day when I saw Mike and Terri.

After we left the bird place, we were heading back to Pennsylvania, but we were going to take the long way there.  We went back through the Michigan Upper Peninsula, just like when we went out to the bird place.  Our first night we stayed on a farm and they had nice trails there.  Me and mommy and daddy took a nice hike there.

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