When Sandy and I started this journey, a big part of it for me was to find that connection that my mother found along her journey.  That real human connection.  Covid stripped that from us in the beginning to an extent, but I am grateful for those who we have connected with so far.  There are too many people to list, and if I try to, I will miss some.  But just know, that if you are reading this, and we’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with you since we’ve been on this journey, those moments, whether long or short are the fuel that continues to feed my soul.  Everyone that we’ve connected with and have been blessed to spend time with thus far, are my kind of weird.  We have nothing to gain from them, and they have nothing to gain from us.  We can just feed off of each other’s presence and friendship.  As I had written in my last blog, this journey has allowed us to connect with some people in person who I had only been connected with through social media prior to us meeting.  The first time that we ever did that, Sandy thought that it was a little bit strange.  She was hesitant, but to this day, she will tell you that one of our most special visits on this journey was with Homa and Andrew Schweers in Virginia.

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