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Darlene Greene – Take Charge of your Health

Darlene Greene has over 26 years of experience in executive leadership and senior management positions across diverse industries, including positions such as: Vice President of Strategic Technology Partner at McAfee (Intel), Dean of Culver Girls Academy, Director of Client Services for HyeTech Networks and Security, and Senior Director LifeWave Foundational Cell Activation Technology.  During her 20 years of military experience, she earned her MBA and held three Commanding Officer positions, including serving as base commander and overseeing over 1200 personnel.  Darlene created the Returning Warrior Weekend Workshop in 2006 to help military members and their spouses reintegrate successfully – a program still supporting military across the country today. 

Darlene’s passion today is helping people elevate their GHK-CU peptide to activate their stem cells, repair their DNA, reverse age, and get out of pain through the latest photo biomodulation technology.

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Anne Desjardins – The Silver Lyming

Anne’s story is one that has taken her from a place of hopelessness and despair to one of hope, healing, and the strong desire to help others.

Anne’s dream is to provide a place of healing and hope for those recovering from Lyme, and tick-born illnesses. She struggled to find out what was going wrong with her body for seven years, before she got a true diagnosis. She has healed herself from Lyme disease, bartonella, anaplasmosis, cytomegalovrius, elevated levels of Epstein Barr virus, HPV and cervical dysplasia that was nearly cancerous. She did her best to utilize Western medicine, but found greater success when combining it, or completely going outside of it with Eastern medicine, Herbs, and energy work.

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