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Music Unites Us

According to Jillian Levy, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, there are six major health benefits of music therapy:

Music therapy reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress
It improves healing
It can help manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
Music therapy reduces depression and other symptoms in the elderly
It helps to reduce symptoms of psychological disorders including schizophrenia
Music therapy improves self-expression and communication

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I’ve Been So Busy!

I really liked getting to meet so many new people in Lake Charles.  I met Janet and Amy and Dave and Stan and Eric and Marty and Barrett and Cody and Brittany.  Barrett and Cody and Brittany even came to visit me in the house on wheels.  They all said that they were there to do a podcast with daddy, but I know that they just used that as an excuse to hang out with me for a little while, but I’ll let daddy think that they were there for his podcast.  I even got to talk a little bit on the podcast that daddy did with Barrett.  Daddy didn’t seem really happy about that, but I just wanted to make sure that everybody knew that I was there too.

I also loved getting to see people that I already knew again!  I got to see Phil and Shar and Mike and Terri and John and Karen and Orien and Jeff and Susan again.  Phil and Shar and Mike and Terri all came to visit me in the house on wheels too.  I made sure that I really rubbed up on Phil and Shar so that Domino knew that his mommy and daddy were with me.  I had more visitors in the house on wheels during this project than ever before!

I also got to see Lori a couple of times again when we were in Lake Charles, she even came to the park to visit me in the house on wheels.

It was the greatest thing ever!  I love getting visitors in the house on wheels because they all pet me really good.

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