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Antwaun Thompson – Teaching the Life Lessons within the Game

Coach T is the founder and executive Director of JLT Fieldhouse, a 501c3 nonprofit youth coaching and mentoring organization, dedicated to “Coaching and Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow”. This organization is named in honor of his late father, Sgt. Maj. Joe Lewis Thompson, USMC, who adopted Antwaun and his older brother after their mom and Joe were married.

He is also the CEO of Coach T’s Corner, an online mentoring academy that is designed to “Educate, Motivate and Support” our future leaders of tomorrow through personal growth and development and personal relationship development programs.

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Jerry Moyer – Time to Fly

Jerry is one of my friends from back in our old hometown of Berks County, Pennsylvania.  He is an author, former professional soccer player, college soccer coach, and current performance coach to top level athletes.

Jerry graduated from Penn State University where he majored in Business and later continued his studies in Sports Management at the University of Maryland.  He was a Starter on the PSU Men’s Soccer Team and was a Regional All-American, Captain, and MVP during his senior season.

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Russ Herbein – See You on the Other Side

I wanted to re-release these episodes in order to emphasize Russ’s legacy and selfishly as a way for me and others who loved him, to hear his voice again.

Russ was the type of person who always saw potential in people that they didn’t see in themselves.

For me personally, he convinced me to speak publicly for the first time and encouraged me to enter into leadership positions as a very young man.  Something that I really didn’t think that I was qualified for, yet he believed in me and encouraged me to take the leap.  Before I was 25 years old, I served as both a club president and Lieutenant Governor within Optimist International.  I never would have entered into those roles if it wasn’t for Russ believing in me and seeing potential that I didn’t know existed within myself.

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Vince Burruano – Coaching the Life Lessons

Vince is an avid reader and enjoys volunteering his time to his community.  He has served as a first responder and firefighter, a football and baseball coach, and as a board member for various professional associations and charitable organizations. He relishes his role as a father and grandfather, and lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with wife, Elizabeth.

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Chris Carr – The Importance of Mentorship

Chris Carr holds a PhD in Slavic Studies from Brown University and has worked in higher education for the past 15 years helping young people grow. After consistently observing that students were often unprepared and unsupported in key areas, he founded One Point Mentorship to guide students through the crucial transition into college and to help them set up lives that truly light them up. One Point helps students to develop their own personal visions, identify limiting beliefs that hold them back, and craft a plan for execution and accountability in all areas of their lives, emphasizing the importance of academic writing and leadership skills.

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Nico Lagan – Entrepreneur on the Road

Nico Lagan is a men’s coach, an entrepreneur, a Muay Thai instructor, podcaster and sales professional. He strives to helps men achieve their personal legends by becoming strong men.

Nico grew up without the guidance of a strong masculine figure. It sent him on the search of a mentor. Not knowing what he was looking, he associated with and idolized the wrong men. His decisions has a teen to quit school and sale drugs lead him on the wrong path.

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