Tag: Mindfulness

Billy Lahr – Live More Intentionally

In 2021, Billy was one of 47 million Americans who quit their jobs due to burnout and priority re-evaluation.  Following the challenges our nation’s educators faced during the pandemic, he no longer had the passion needed to work with high school students.  For the next two years, he traveled all over the world in search of meaningful experiences to reignite his passion for helping others.  Throughout his journey, he met many incredible people along the way, and he shared with them how his mindfulness practice not only changed his life but most likely saved it as well.  When he opened up about his own mental health struggles, he found that people all over the world were also re-evaluating their priorities in life but just needed guidance to do so more intentionally and mindfully.

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Robyn Robleto – Nomads with a Purpose

Robyn is an author, mindset coach, and lifelong questioner, she lives life by the motto of “wake up to start every day” and it’s what led her to leap into the RV lifestyle so many years ago.

Robyn is a lot of things but boring and normal are not one of them. We tend to joke around that Robyn doesn’t fit into any category because she is all them- climber, surfer, runner, entrepreneur, RVer, health nut, yogi, coffee addict, and mother of five. Yes, she is a little crazy.  But if that’s what it takes to live a life like hers, then bring it on.

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Tammy Goen – Understanding HSP

Tammy takes a unique approach to coaching.  She is passionate about life and living it to its fullest, and about helping others do the same.

Her eclectic background has provided her with a broad scope through which to offer a unique, holistic approach that crosses many lines of thought and focus. Previous to coaching, as a Licensed Professional Counselor she worked with clients primarily from a Cognitive-Behavioral perspective, helping them become aware of limiting thoughts then learning to make shifts that ultimately created changes in behavior and increased success in daily living and relationships.

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