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Michael Mitreuter – Turning the Tables

Back in July, I sat down with Michael Mitreuter, co-founder and managing partner of MammothMarch to talk about his long-distance endurance hiking series.  At that time, I had just signed up to participate in the MammothMarch – New Jersey event.  I was fascinated by the entire concept of a long-distance hiking event, so I wanted to learn more about the inspiration behind starting the series.

The staff of MammothMarch got in me in touch with the man at the top and we scheduled the show.

I felt an immediate connection with Michael and was very comfortable talking to him.

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One Foot in Front of the Other

Again, those are the things that draw me toward hiking, the life metaphors.

In life, sometimes we will walk alone, other times we will walk with others.  We will have uphill climbs and we will have some downhill slopes.  Sometimes our path with be a little rough and other times it is going to be smooth and flat.  We may get some sunshine; we may get clouds and rain.  Sometimes we are going to have to navigate through the dark.   There will be times where we can pick up the pace and make good time and there are going to other times that we must slow down and carefully watch where we are stepping in order to not trip or lose our balance.  There are going to be times when we feel tired and weak and times when we are strong and vibrant.  We need to recognize when we need to take a break and when to push through.  But regardless of what our path throws at us, we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

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