Tag: Overcoming Adversity

Danielle Matthews – This Moment

Although her body was physically impaired, her spirit was strong & she refused to believe their diagnoses. Her mind was determined to recover…and she did! Through the power of what she refers to as “Mind Control,” she attracted the mindset, techniques, and exact quantum healing technologies needed to fully recover. She has since built an international business, authored an e-book called ‘Mind Control’ and shares her life-altering experience with countless people around the globe.

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Kattie Lail – Let’s Face it Together

We Face it TOGETHER is a nonprofit addiction and wellness program which provides confidential, evidence-based peer coaching for those impacted by addiction, including loved ones. They don’t require sobriety or follow a one-size-fits-all program.

The story of We Face it Together starts with co-founder Kevin Kirby, a seasoned business executive. Despite being well connected in the community, having a loving family and the ability to draw upon significant financial resources, Kirby struggled to get well from his alcohol addiction. Once he did, after multiple treatment stays across a few years, he wanted to learn all he could about his disease and the addiction treatment landscape.

Kirby recognized there were flaws in the system and wondered how people with fewer or no resources ever managed to get well. He was called to do something. First, he was connected with Charlie Day, a lawyer, CPA and health care finance expert, who would ultimately become Face It TOGETHER’s other co-founder. Day had recently served as a senior finance officer in one of the nation’s largest regional integrated health care systems. He was an experienced start-up strategist and business innovator and ready to give back to the community.

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Bobbi Kahler – UnYielded

An entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Bobbi has coached upwards of 3,000 people and has delivered presentations for tens of thousands of people.  She helps people to see new possibilities for themselves and for their lives. 

Her undergrad degree was in human performance improvement and her graduate degree was based on the science of human flourishing.

She has appeared in articles for Forbes, The Today Show, Yahoo News, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine and Influencive.  She is the author of Travels of the Heart: Developing Your Inner Leader, she was a contributing author to the Amazon and NY Times best-selling book, Masters of Success, and she is the host of her podcast: UnYielded: Thriving No Matter What.

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