This Weekend I Rocked Lititz, the Swamp, and the Meadow!

After that last VIP thing of the night, I went out for my last potty break and daddy and I strolled around the campus for a little bit again.  We saw a crowd of people and a lady said, “There’s Youk! He’s gonna be famous!”  Apparently, mommy and daddy had told her and her husband that I was writing my children’s book, so they were excited to meet me.  I can’t blame them, just about everyone is excited to meet me.  A bunch of other people in that group started petting me too.  It was pretty awesome.

Then we started walking back to the house on wheels and saw Justin!  I was so excited to see him and of course he was excited to see me too!  He started petting me and telling me how soft I was.  If he stopped, I would start barking a little and then he’d keep petting me.  It didn’t take long to train him because he’s a smart human.

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