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Alex Sanfilippo – Service First

More importantly, Alex is a man of faith who truly puts service to others, specifically his customers before his bottom line.  A view that is very uncommon in today’s version of “me first” capitalism.  His model of success is one that other companies should follow.  When you truly put customers and reliability of your product, the profit will follow.

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Nikki LaCroce – The Need for Human Connection

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Nikki made a long-awaited move to the west coast in 2017.

It wasn’t long after that Nikki realized relocating was only one of the big changes she needed to make in her life. After spending a decade working in tech, Nikki found herself lacking a sense of fulfillment and made the decision to start therapy in an effort to unearth her purpose.

In early 2021, Nikki experienced what she now refers to as her “personal Armageddon”, as she left a decade long abusive relationship and simultaneously was faced with the unexpected loss of her mother amidst the peak of the pandemic.

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Christine Patton – Your Power Within

Over 20 years ago, she realized that her health was a (w)holistic affair, and she began to use her body as a laboratory for modalities, knowledge, thought processes, and systems that healed as well as built resilience and performance.

After years of speaking, mentoring students, and coaching athletes, she wrote her first book called SHOWING UP – BECOMING THE ME I WANT TO BE – Aligning Your Life and Work for True Success.

She also became a Certified Trainer with The HeartMath Institute, where concepts of resilience, coherence, and heart-based living abide.

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Marsha Vanwynsberghe – When She Stopped Asking Why

Marsha is a Storytelling Business Coach, Speaker, Author & Podcaster

She is the 6-time Bestselling Author of “When She Stopped Asking Why.”  She shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse that tore her family unit apart. Marsha has been published 7 times in collaborative books including “Owning Your Choices,” sharing inspiring stories of courage from women around the world.

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Adrianne Hart – The Power of the Mind

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Adrianne Hart.

Adrianne is a wellness advocate, hypnotist, and the host of the Get Well with Me podcast. She has helped thousands of people reduce stress, dissolve anxiety and upgrade their health and wellness by introducing them to the healing powers of their unconscious minds.

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Joe Martin – Relentless Positivity

Joe Martin is the owner and founder of the Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp.  He is a fitness professional, best-selling author, host of the Relentless Positivity Podcast, dad, husband, keynote speaker, football coach, and lover of dad jokes. Known for his positivity, sense of humor, and commitment to serving others, he has helped thousands of people look, feel, and perform their best.

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