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Ben Oofana – Ancient Healing

From a very early age, Ben was drawn to indigenous cultures and their spiritual practices. He was particularly fascinated by the paranormal. Native Americans, like peoples of other indigenous cultures lived with a foot in two worlds, relying on the assistance of supernatural forces to assist them in their everyday lives.

By the age of 12 Ben was reading everything he could find about tribal cultures. Around the age of 14 Ben began to learn of the traditional medical, psychological and spiritual practices of a number of different tribes of North America. It was then that Ben decided that if he ever found the opportunity, he would train under a traditional American Indian doctor.

While still in high school, at the age of 17, Ben decided to live among the people he loved and admired and moved to a community of predominantly Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache Indians. During this time, Ben immersed himself completely in the culture and participated in the tribal dances and spiritual and healing ceremonies. It was there that Ben met his mentor, Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional Kiowa doctor (Medicine Man). He immediately recognized Ben’s capacity to become a healer. Ben felt very fortunate because very few apprentices are chosen during a doctor’s lifetime.

Ben formally began his apprenticeship under Horace at the age of 20 and continued for the next three years. As his assistant, Ben was able to see firsthand the phenomenal results of these traditional medical practices.

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Lois Letchford – How We Learn

In this episode of the Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I talk with Lois Letchford.

Lois is the author of the book, “Reversed: A Memoir,” which chronicles an extraordinary journey of overcoming daunting odds, offering inspiration and hope to parents and educators navigating desperate situations. At the age of 39, while teaching her second son how to read, she stumbled upon her own “learning difference,” an unexpected revelation that ignited an unwavering pursuit for answers.

With sheer determination and unyielding resilience, she confronted challenges and battled self-doubt head-on, proving that no obstacle is insurmountable. Through relentless effort, she witnessed the transformative power of perseverance, achieving significant milestones and experiencing profound personal growth.

She discovered the immense value of trusting her instincts. This experience led to her appreciating literacy learning as being more than a “set of skills to acquire.”  Embracing foundational knowledge of “how children and adults learn,” and adopting a growth mindset, she unlocked true potential, shattering self-limiting beliefs.

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Dan and Sandy – Oh, Canada

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, Sandy and I talk about our trip up the Oregon Coast, into Washington, and eventually across the border into Canada.

After almost two years in the making, we were excited to meet our friends and grandson, Alex in Great Falls, Montana to start our 3-1/2-month journey throughout Canada and Alaska.  Even though we had only been in Canada for a little over two weeks when we recorded this episode, we have already seen so many amazing things and made incredible memories.

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Greg Peterson – Let’s talk permaculture!

“What if there was a garden and fruit tree in every yard?” This is a question that Greg ponders every day.  For over 32 years he created on of one of Phoenix’s first environmental showcase homes for urban farming.  The 1/4-acre yard featured a primarily edible landscape with over 80 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials.

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Morgan McCarver – The Potter and the Clay

Morgan was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Her work is inspired by her female mentors of past and present, as well as her connection to Victorian corsetry through her scoliosis journey. She received an art degree with a ceramic’s concentration and a double minor in art history and business in 2019 from Anderson University in Anderson, SC.

McCarver had the honor of receiving the 2019 Outstanding Art Major Ceramics Award her senior year. As a 2020 701 Center for Contemporary Art prize finalist, she had the honor of being the youngest artist to ever make it that far. She is a multi-award-winning artist who recently received an Artist Support Grant to attend a national ceramics conference. She has had the honor of displaying her work in 2 solo exhibitions, “FemininiTEA” 2020 and “The Strength of a Wildflower” 2022. She recently completed a residency at Edgewood Cottage in Blowing Rock Summer 2023 and participated 2022 as well. McCarver has studios in Asheville, NC and Spartanburg, SC. Her art can be found in various galleries around the Carolinas and Tennessee.

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Catherine Gairard – The Heart of an Artist

Born in Peru into a low-middle-class family, Catherine faced financial barriers that hindered formal music education. Undeterred, she dedicated herself to self-study, cultivating a passion for music that eventually became a driving force in her life. Early on, she showcased her artistic flair by participating in school events, be it through dance, reciting poems, acting, or singing.

Guided by her father, an artist himself, she delved into the world of drawing. This early exposure laid the foundation for her artistic journey. The pursuit of theater studies followed, shaping her understanding of the performing arts.

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Walt Morgan – Taking Flight with Leadership

Walt is a professional Integral Coach who partners with clients from all walks of life to achieve the personal and professional developmental goals that are most important to them.

He served in the U.S. Navy for 23 years as a helicopter pilot and retired at the rank of Commander.  He has also been an associate professor, teaching leadership and management and an in-house leadership consultant, coach and facilitator for a Fortune 200 healthcare company.

Walt lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Dana, their two teenage children and Hank, the dog.  He loves exploring the backcountry with dear friends and a fly-fishing rod.

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Dan and Sandy – Three Becomes Two

This was probably the most difficult podcast that I ever had to record.

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, Sandy and I talk about our travels through California and the loss of our best travel companion, Youk.

The end of April was very difficult for us and we’re still working through the grief process.  Youk crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 24, 2024.  It was certainly the most difficult thing that we’ve had to deal with since we’ve been traveling.  Youk brought joy to such a large part of lives.  We literally planned our life around his schedule and well-being.  In return, he gave us unconditional love and countless memories that will last the rest of lives.

He was a larger-than-life personality who impacted the world in ways we never could have imagined.  Countless people from all over the world have reached out to us since his passing to let us know how much they loved our best-selling author pup.

In addition to Youk, we talk about our travels through several national parks in California (Joshua Tree, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, and The Redwoods), our project at the Southern California Railway Museum, our night under the Golden Gate Bridge, our Pacific Coast Highway Adventure, and of course, reconnecting with friends.

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Antwaun Thompson – Teaching the Life Lessons within the Game

Coach T is the founder and executive Director of JLT Fieldhouse, a 501c3 nonprofit youth coaching and mentoring organization, dedicated to “Coaching and Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow”. This organization is named in honor of his late father, Sgt. Maj. Joe Lewis Thompson, USMC, who adopted Antwaun and his older brother after their mom and Joe were married.

He is also the CEO of Coach T’s Corner, an online mentoring academy that is designed to “Educate, Motivate and Support” our future leaders of tomorrow through personal growth and development and personal relationship development programs.

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Noah Asher – Overcoming the Overwhelming

Noah Asher is an author, Chaos-survivor, business owner, and communicator. Noah helps people find purpose within their pain and their past. His new book, CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming, is a guide on how to navigate through difficult times and come out stronger on the other side. Noah believes that everyone has a purpose, and he is dedicated to helping people find it.

His website is dedicated to providing resources, inspiration, and hope to anyone who is looking to overcome their own Chaos and find their path in life. Where the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus comes to bring life and restoration!

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Aliza Hava – Into the Light

Aliza is making her second appearance on the show.  We first spoke back in January and talked about the healing power that music has.  Feel free to listen to that conversation by clicking here.

In this episode, we really focus on talking about her new album that is scheduled to be released in the coming months. “Into the Light.”

This album is deeply personal for Aliza.  She has used music to help her overcome the trauma of an abusive childhood.  It was a healing journey for her, and she hopes that it can be used by others in their own healing journeys.  The album was produced by multi-platinum Grammy-winner Mikal Blue, who is best known for his work with Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, and OneRepublic.  The album is a body of work, which features ten songs that take the listener on a soulful journey from darkness, “Into the Light.”

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Roy Coughlan – Mission Driven

Roy is a podcast coach and hosts six different podcasts.  I was honored to be a guest on his show back in March of 2023 and love that I am able to have him as a guest on my show now.

More importantly, Roy approaches life with a mission driven philosophy.  He understands that it’s more important to make the world a better place as opposed to just trying to acquire and material things in his lifetime.  Focusing on gratitude, he understands the benefit of always being present in the current moment.

Roy helps people create a podcast and get into the top 10% of Podcasts.

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