Tag: Positive Aging

Kathy White – Live Well, Age Well

Most people think that “wear and tear” of the joints is normal and inevitable and eventually means pain and reduced flexibility.

The Joint Renewal System™ will allow you to discover a unique way to move joints that will rejuvenate and restore.

Increase flexibility and strength in the whole body and keep doing the sports and activities you love.

Move well, live well and age well with healthy joints. 

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Laura DiSisto – Resurfacing

Laura DeSisto has been writing professionally her whole life and has just written her first book, Resurfacing: Sisterhood, Sharks and Storms, a memoir, which details her journey from depressed empty nester to badass, middle-aged scuba diver who frequently dives with man-eating sharks – on purpose. Laura fervently believes that when we grow the guts to pursue our wildest dreams, we can move others to do the same, which will make the world a better place.

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