Out and Back in One Day

But this was a different kind of moving than what we normally do.  On Thursday night, mommy and daddy started packing things up in our house on wheels.  Daddy unhooked everything and put our slides in like we going to be moving, but then we didn’t move on Thursday night.  We actually slept inside Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house on Thursday night.  I was a little bit confused because our house on wheels was still in their yard.  Normally, if we sleep in Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house, our house on wheels isn’t in the yard, but this time it still was.  Although, I was confused, I didn’t care too much because I like going inside Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house.  There are always a few little snacks under Uncle Randy’s chair, so I just clean those up for him.

When we first go into their house, I look all around and sniff the entire place to make sure that everything is ok.  It’s always ok, but I still have to just make sure.

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