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Roy Coughlan – Mission Driven

Roy is a podcast coach and hosts six different podcasts.  I was honored to be a guest on his show back in March of 2023 and love that I am able to have him as a guest on my show now.

More importantly, Roy approaches life with a mission driven philosophy.  He understands that it’s more important to make the world a better place as opposed to just trying to acquire and material things in his lifetime.  Focusing on gratitude, he understands the benefit of always being present in the current moment.

Roy helps people create a podcast and get into the top 10% of Podcasts.

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Dave Letterfly – Have Brush, Will Travel

As a traveling artist, Dave Letterfly is the top producer of old school pinstriping, hand-painted lettering, gold leaf inscriptions and airbrushed imagery on motorcycles, hot rods, guitars, cake mixers and even top-shelf motorhomes. Writing fills every available moment.

Dave is quick to point out that everyone’s mixture of life’s challenges is divinely choreographed to help us discover our true purpose. Read on to find inspiration to overcome the obstacles of your life that really are the gifts that bring about one’s greatest transformation.

“The smartest thing I ever did was run away and join the circus”

The artist/author Dave Letterfly Knoderer is not only the guru of living an interesting life but is also an inspirational speaker ready to take you behind the scenes of the fascinating places discovered along the road of his life.

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Wendy Corner – Your Words Have Power

Wendy is the founder and creator of Your Words Have Power, a platform for speakers to share their messages and stories to inspire people to live their lives fully.

I met her when she invited me to be a part of one of her “Your Words Have Power” virtual events back in October of 2022.  We immediately connected and I wanted to share her positive energy with my listeners.

Wendy’s on a mission to help countless speakers to step onto stages across the world and share their messages and stories to change lives.

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Rosa Lokaisingh – What are you Thinking?

Rosa is the founder of Connecting YOU, an Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, and co-author of a book called Thought Leaders, Visionaries, and Influencers.

Her mission is to see the world connected by heart and spirit. Why? She believes that we are all already connected spiritually, but somehow along the way, have forgotten that, and run around becoming self-sufficient and independent, in becoming a success. Now we must un-do that and become a more integrated society.

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Don Colliver – Clown Presence

Don has performed with the Blue Man Group, toured internationally as a theatrical Clown for contemporary circus Spiegelworld, and is listed in the Cirque du Soleil performer database.

Don’s mission is to help every communicator profoundly impact their audience through the power of authenticity, listening, and play: the Secrets of Clown!

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Kim Sorrelle – Cry Until You Laugh

Kim Sorrelle is the director of a humanitarian organization, popular speaker, and the author of two books. Her first book, Cry Until You Laugh, is about her and her husband’s battle with cancer after being diagnosed just four months a part. Her second book, Love Is, chronicles her year long quest to figure out the true meaning of love, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enlightening journey that led to life-changing discoveries found mostly on the streets of Haiti.

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Brigitta Hoeferle – Accelerating with Neuro Strategies

As leading mentor, executive coach and author she has been invited to speak on stages around the world and train executives in the leading methodologies of powerful communication, in form of Neuro Patterns of Communication for their personal and business life.

Her degrees in marketing, communication, social pedagogy and education science validate her expertise, logic and knowledge, but it is her creativity, humanity and passion which really makes her stand out and lead other credible high-quality leaders.

As executive leader, award winning founder and board member of her successful organizations she gives full credit for her success to her unique communication and listening skills, her tenacity and her never-ending desire to take something from good to outrageously great.

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