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Darlene Greene – Take Charge of your Health

Darlene Greene has over 26 years of experience in executive leadership and senior management positions across diverse industries, including positions such as: Vice President of Strategic Technology Partner at McAfee (Intel), Dean of Culver Girls Academy, Director of Client Services for HyeTech Networks and Security, and Senior Director LifeWave Foundational Cell Activation Technology.  During her 20 years of military experience, she earned her MBA and held three Commanding Officer positions, including serving as base commander and overseeing over 1200 personnel.  Darlene created the Returning Warrior Weekend Workshop in 2006 to help military members and their spouses reintegrate successfully – a program still supporting military across the country today. 

Darlene’s passion today is helping people elevate their GHK-CU peptide to activate their stem cells, repair their DNA, reverse age, and get out of pain through the latest photo biomodulation technology.

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Tara & Trina O’Brien – Crush Mom Guilt

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Tara & Trina O’Brien.

Trina and Tara O’Brien are partners in life and business. Moms of boy/girl twins, together they’ve created Power Mom. They are educators, coaches, speakers, health and wellness enthusiasts, and “all things” sports lovers. Using the Power Mom 4 Power Components, they empower moms to be strong and confident . . . all without mom guilt.

Trina grew up in Southern California while, Tara was born and raised in Long Island, NY. From the fields of AYSO in Southern California and her team, Orange Crush, to the Shooting Stars of Plainview, Old Bethpage Soccer Club, at young ages, both Trina and Tara fell in love with soccer. West coast met East coast in South Florida, where both played collegiate soccer and, years later, became a couple. In soccer terms, they joke Tara is the power while Trina is the finesse, the perfect combination for success.

Tara played Division 1 Soccer in Boca Raton, Florida, at Florida Atlantic University. Over the course of her four years, she proved her skills as a strong forward by being her team’s leading scorer. She received a Master’s in Leadership, utilizing these strengths while working with Fortune 500 companies. She is also a nationally certified massage therapist and wellness coach.

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Amy Siegfried – Last Night’s Game

After seeing how the ability to talk sports gave her the upper hand as a woman in business, Amy and her brother Scott created Last Night’s Game to give their friends the same advantage. Last Night’s Game empowers its readers to join the sports conversation, even if they do not know the first thing about sports.

Her career has included working for a Major League Baseball team and in other male-dominated industries. A third-generation entrepreneur, Amy once flew around the world in 58 hours and 37 minutes, has lived internationally and is a master of small talk, bringing people together and the handwritten note. You can often find this married lady working with the entrepreneurship community nationwide and teaching her toddler about sports, food, and other things he’ll have to use to make small talk one day.

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