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Wes Henderson – Talona Ridge RV Resort, Turning a Vision into a Reality

The resort has beautiful mountain views 360 degrees at the top of the resort.  They feature live music and serve local wines every Friday and Saturday night in the event center.

The resort has a heated pool, hot tub, fitness center, dog park, dog wash, outdoor grills, gathering pavilions, clean bathhouses, showers, and laundry facilities to name a few of the amenities.

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North Georgia Mountains, Peanuts, Dog Parks, and a Bath

Once we got down to the lower level, there was a dog park there too!  Actually, two dog parks!  One for big boys like me and one for those little dogs like Domino. The big boy dog park was really big.  It was a lot bigger than the one they had in Dillard.  They had these big black tubes in the dog park and daddy wanted me to walk through it, but I didn’t want any parts of it at first.  Finally, daddy looked at me, pulled a treat out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted it.  Of course, I wanted it, that was a dumb question.  He then held it right in front of my nose and tossed it into that big long black tube!  I was like, “What the bark, Daddy!?  Why did you do that!?”  I wasn’t happy.  I looked at daddy a little bit, then I tiptoed into that tube to get my treat.  I still couldn’t believe that my daddy would do that to me.  After I got the treat, I backed out of that tube never to return again!

Then daddy said, “No silly, you walk to the other end of it, not back out of it.”

I could tell that this was going to be a debate.

“Hey man, I just turned 13.  Didn’t you ever hear the phrase, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’  That applies here daddy.”  I said.

Then he took another treat out, showed it to me, and tossed it further into that stupid tube!

I’ve never bitten my daddy or any human for that matter, but the thought certainly crossed my mind on this occasion.  I looked at him again and was like, “Seriously, man!?”

Well, I went in again, got the treat, and then walked all the way through to the other side.

Daddy ran around to the other side and took a picture of me as I was coming out, and said, “Good Boy!”

I was like, “I don’t want to hear it man, just leave me alone right now while I process all of this.”

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Dan & Sandy Clouser – Episode #99, A little Reflection

This is the 99th episode of The Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, so I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with my wife to talk about some of the highlights of being on the road full-time for over 19 months now.

We recorded this episode on Easter Sunday while staying at the beautiful Talona Ridge RV Resort in East Ellijay, Georgia.  We were blessed to be able to spend the holiday with a view of the gorgeous mountain ranges that surrounded us in North Georgia.

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