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37 Days

During our first week, at our first Left-Right-Center game, we met a couple that we just knew we had a connection with.  Isn’t it amazing how sometimes you just feel a vibe with people.  You just meet them, yet you feel like you have known them for your entire lifetime.  Well, that was Jason and Sara Brelsfoard.  They sat next to us during the game and we immediately connected.  Jason had us laughing from the time he said hello to the time he said good-bye to us that night.  Sara may have been slightly embarrassed on occasion, but she seemed to take everything in stride.

They own what Jason calls a “small” 800-acre farm in central Illinois.  Sara is also a massage therapist.  Jason was immediately intrigued by our full-time RV lifestyle.  He loves what he does, but recognizes that life is short.  He wants to be able to live and enjoy life, not just work until he dies.

We made sure that Jason and Sara made it to trivia the next night and began sitting with them at each campground function that we were at together.  We’d stop by their site and chat and they would do the same.  They came to listen to me speak and bought a couple of my books.  They really did feel like family.

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Marc & Tammy Hollander – Creating an Experience

This past January, I did a book signing at the campground, which allowed me to get to know Marc a little bit.  I loved their story and I loved their passion to make everyone’s stay at the Galveston Island KOA truly an experience that they’ll never forget.

Marc and Tammy’s story is inspirational.  Their initial charity work is what connected them to the KOA brand many years ago.  Their desire to want to help and give back landed them in a KOA in Central Florida helping to clean-up from hurricane damage, which eventually led them to being hired by KOA and now running a beautiful location in Galveston.

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