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This Weekend I Rocked Lititz, the Swamp, and the Meadow!

After that last VIP thing of the night, I went out for my last potty break and daddy and I strolled around the campus for a little bit again.  We saw a crowd of people and a lady said, “There’s Youk! He’s gonna be famous!”  Apparently, mommy and daddy had told her and her husband that I was writing my children’s book, so they were excited to meet me.  I can’t blame them, just about everyone is excited to meet me.  A bunch of other people in that group started petting me too.  It was pretty awesome.

Then we started walking back to the house on wheels and saw Justin!  I was so excited to see him and of course he was excited to see me too!  He started petting me and telling me how soft I was.  If he stopped, I would start barking a little and then he’d keep petting me.  It didn’t take long to train him because he’s a smart human.

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We Finally Made it to Aunt Cheryl’s House!

It also makes me sad sometimes too though.  I know that Aunt Cheryl is in a lot of pain.  I hate that cancer thing that she has and I wish that I could take all of her pain away for her.  Some days she sleeps even more than I do, so that’s a lot.  But even though she’s in a lot of pain, she is still always looking out for everyone else.  Like she bought a bunch of bacon for me but wasn’t able to have it cooked up for me by the time that we got here.  So, she made sure that mommy cooked that bacon once we got here.  She also kept reminding mommy that daddy was running low on cereal and that she needed to get some the next time that she went to the store.  Isn’t that the epitome of a special person?  Someone who no matter what they’re going through is still thinking about taking care of others.  Aunt Cheryl is really special.

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