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Roy Coughlan – Mission Driven

Roy is a podcast coach and hosts six different podcasts.  I was honored to be a guest on his show back in March of 2023 and love that I am able to have him as a guest on my show now.

More importantly, Roy approaches life with a mission driven philosophy.  He understands that it’s more important to make the world a better place as opposed to just trying to acquire and material things in his lifetime.  Focusing on gratitude, he understands the benefit of always being present in the current moment.

Roy helps people create a podcast and get into the top 10% of Podcasts.

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Alex Sanfilippo – Service First

More importantly, Alex is a man of faith who truly puts service to others, specifically his customers before his bottom line.  A view that is very uncommon in today’s version of “me first” capitalism.  His model of success is one that other companies should follow.  When you truly put customers and reliability of your product, the profit will follow.

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