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The Journey


Youkilis, the Golden Retriever


A Little Bend, then Back into Idaho

I thought that the first hike that Erin took us on was cool, but the one on Saturday was really awesome!  It was in the woods, no pavement at all and some pretty rocky terrain at times.  Of course, I nailed it.   That trail was nothing for me.  A little while after we started, Erin took my leash from daddy.  Daddy said, “He might not walk too good for you.”  But I like Erin, so I was a real good boy for her while she walked me.  I mean of course, I would go a little crazy when we passed other dogs on the trail, but that’s just me.  Sometimes mommy and daddy and Erin would try to trick me by distracting me when another dog came by, but most times I could see them and smell them.  They did trick me sometimes though. When we got to the top of where we were hiking, we ate our lunch.  Erin is such a nice person that she packed Turkey sandwiches, and apples, and chips, and granola bars for lunch.  I had mommy and daddy and Erin trained pretty good because they all gave me the last bite of their turkey sandwich.  I even got some chips.  It truly was a wonderful day for me. We hiked back and I took a nap in Erin’s Jeep on the way back to the campground.

Many Little People


Jim Wade – Every Trip Has a Story

Sandy and I were able to get into Boise, Idaho and visit with my cousin Jim, his wife Patti, their daughter Jen and her husband Anthony.  It was short visit, but we had a great time catching up and trading stories of our travel adventures. Jim, like most of us on the Wade side of our family have that wandering travel bug in us.  The root of the word “Wade” meant “to go,” and many of us have taken that to heart.