In this episode of the Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with Catherine Gairard.

Born in Peru into a low-middle-class family, Catherine faced financial barriers that hindered formal music education. Undeterred, she dedicated herself to self-study, cultivating a passion for music that eventually became a driving force in her life. Early on, she showcased her artistic flair by participating in school events, be it through dance, reciting poems, acting, or singing.

Guided by her father, an artist himself, she delved into the world of drawing. This early exposure laid the foundation for her artistic journey. The pursuit of theater studies followed, shaping her understanding of the performing arts.

In 2014, she ventured to Europe, aspiring to forge a career in acting. However, the cultural transition proved challenging, and she found solace and direction during travels to the Netherlands and Spain. There, she embarked on a serious exploration of music, initially through free online courses and later under the guidance of private tutors in singing, harp, piano, composition, and music production.

By 2023, she embraced a new chapter as a digital nomad, exploring Mexico and Greece. Currently, she is constructing her own campervan, a mobile haven for creating music while immersing herself in inspiring locales worldwide. Looking ahead, her sights are set on a program that began in April 2024, steering her toward a career as a soundtrack composer for movies and video games.

To foster a closer connection with her audience, she curates an exclusive online community, sharing more intimate aspects of her life. Through this, she aims to build a supportive space for fellow enthusiasts and those intrigued by her artistic journey.

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