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Krystal Hille – The Power of Storytelling

Krystal is the founder of Hill House Publishing and Inspired Relations.  She is an international speaker, bestselling author, and soul leadership mentor.

Krystal is enthusiastic about empowering individuals to fulfill their highest potential and she has always been curious about people’s motivations and why they do what they do.

The common thread through all has been to help the community as well as her clients – purpose-driven entrepreneurs especially in the personal development field, change-makers, and conscious creatives – to step into their zone of flow and claim the essence of soul leadership, so their passion can ignite global change.

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Rich Kozak – Impact Driven

Today, Rich’s companies, RichBrands and IMPACT DRIVEN Publishing, guide and activate individuals and businesses who are determined to make significant impacts on other people, to make their brand uniquely come alive, to build a strong platform for their business or personal brand, and to help them step into living their purpose.

Rich co-authored the best-selling book: ELEVATE: Raise Your Life and Business to a Higher Level,  the 2020 release:  IMPACT: Where Passion and Purpose Makes A Difference and the best-selling book just released in March 2021:  VISIBILITY:  Success Stories from Elite Leaders Making an Impact From the Stage.

Rich’s new book: IMPACT DRIVEN BRANDING:  7 Steps to Ensure YOUR Brand Impacts People’s Lives, and The World insightfully shares the process of Making Your Brand Come Alive and Attract, and it does it in step-wise, “How-To” content, just like Rich shares in his workshop intensives and his powerful online events.

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